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Aquarium Product Reviews - A Consumer-Driven Website

Welcome to Aquarium Product Reviews,  the place to go for people “in-the-know”.   Aquarium Product Reviews let’s you share your opinions on products available to the aquarium hobby. 

Not only that - Aquarium Product Reviews can help you avoid costly mistakes when setting up your new under water eco-system.  Learn from others what works and even what doesn’t. 

Make Aquarium Product Reviews your first stop when you are looking for aquarium products.  Thanks for stopping by.

We offer you - the consumer and installation professionals - the ability to share your experiences with other hobbyists, and even the manufacturers.

When browsing through the various product lines, we have tried to stay with descriptions provided by the manufacturers, when they are available.  Descriptions are intended to be as factual and as reliable as they can be without the "sales hype". 

It is not our intent to favor any one brand or manufacturer over another.  If you spot a description that does not meet these standards, by all means, we invite you to bring it to our attention.

Your opinion is what counts the most.

We encourage honest and constructive reviews of products you have had experience with.  The purpose naturally is to let everyone know the benefits and drawbacks of the products available.

Review Guidelines

  • Please write reviews for products you own, and avoid single line responses - details matter.
  • Provide comparisons you might have with other products similar to this one you are reviewing.
  • Be realistic with your ratings, and remember that others will be using your review to make purchase decisions.
  • Please check spelling and avoid controversial language.
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