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Your Child's First Aquarium
It has been shown that children who keep pets have increased emotional development and learn valuable lessons of responsibility and empathy. Tropical fish make ideal pets for children, as they combine the fun and collectible aspects of an affordable hobby with the experience of caring for living things.

The Fun of a New Aquarium

The set up process for a new aquarium is an exciting family project. By starting the process from scratch, children gain an insight into every aspect of building a fish habitat. This joy of learning and building is further enhanced when the child shares in the decision making process, selecting aquarium elements and aquascaping the new environment.

Your Child's Aquarium Is a Teacher

The best lessons teach through fun. The set up and maintenance of a fish tank teaches children about the totality of our environment, and the many factors of the life-cycle that are interconnected. By entrusting your child with her own miniature world to care for, she learns lessons of responsibility and discipline by meeting the regular needs of her pets. The self-confidence that comes from your child's new found expertise and responsibility will carry over into the other aspects of your child's life.

Selecting Your Child's First Aquarium

The child's first aquarium should be primarily designed to be easy to maintain. Selecting an 'all-in-one' package that meets the basic needs of filtration, light, heat, and aeration is a good option to start with. While the temptation to get a very small tank for your child seems intuitive, keep in mind that larger tanks are easier to maintain and keep clean, and offer room for more fish. Above all make sure your child understands each and every aspect of the home aquarium environment, and that your child's choices are part of the buying process.

Below you will find some fun things to color. You will need a PDF reader to be able to view these pictures. The ones you see below are coloring suggestions, naturally you can color it the way you like when you download the file. Have fun!
Check back here often as we will have lots of fun and educational activities for "Small Fry" Also you will find the latest news about freshwater aquariums here that gets updated on a regular basis. (Something for Mom & Dad)