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Pacific Northwest Betta Society
Location: 17756 SW Scholls Ferry Rd
Beaverton, OR 97007
Contact: Karen Burgett
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Pacific Northwest Betta Society
About Our Club:

The Pacific Northwest Betta society is a non-profit group dedicated to uniting hobbyist and researchers in the Pacific Northwest interested in the Betta splendens A.K.A. Siamese Fighting Fish, and other Betta species.

We promote the selective breeding of various color and finnage strains of Bettas through participation in the International Betta Congress Sanctioned Show program. At these shows, breeders from around the world send Bettas to be exhibited and judged in numerous classes, each with a pre-defined standard for color and form. Competition at these shows is enthusiastic as members compete for awards in individual classes and the preeminent Best of Show awards.

We currently have membership in Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Montana, British Columbia and Northern California

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