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Terms and Conditions

All reviews must be given based solely on first hand knowledge of products owned or used by the author of the review.  No sales content or links to sites outside of (hereby referred to as APR) is allowed within the reviews.  To further prevent possible manipulation of the reviews, authors are not allowed to post any information or sources on where to purchase the products in the reviews.

Only 1 (one) review per person, per item. 

Advertisers on APR who decide to create a review of a product are asked not to create a written review for any products unless they either a) own or have owned the item they are reviewing or b) have first hand experience using or installing the item.  Any post or review deemed by the administrators of APR to be false or biased will be deleted.  Advertisers who refuse to follow this guideline will be warned and/or removed from the system.  Advertisers who are removed for misuse will not receive refund for links or banners purchased on APR, even if the length of time the advertiser purchased has not been completed. The decision to delete or ban an advertiser for misuse of the website is at the sole discretion of the administration of APR.     

No form of Spam or auto/bulk posting will be allowed. Bad language and curse words within a review or advertisement will be edited or deleted.  Any form of flaming, hate, racism or other bias and bigotry will be deleted and the user banned from giving further reviews. 

The managers and administrators of reserve the right to delete reviews, links, banner ads or any other content added for any reason without notice.   We also reserve the right to temporarily block or permanently ban any member for any reason without notice. Notice must be given by APR if a paid advertiser will be banned or blocked. If a user or advertiser feels they were wrongly edited, deleted or banned, the administrators will review the situation on a case-by-case basis. However all decisions made by the administration after such review is final.

All posts or reviews are the sole property of Reviews may be edited or deleted for content and can be reproduced, distributed and used for any marketing purpose without compensation or permission from the author of the review.